The Gift of a Friend

I have nothing to do, so I guess I’d share my story with people.

It starts in elementary school. I was friend with that girl since 5 years now, and she was starting to make new friends and to be angry at me for nothing, she ignored me all the time, she didn’t talk to me at recess, it wasn’t what you’d call the perfect best friend. At the end of elementary she made me into a super shy girl with no friends, the one nobody wanted to be with and even I felt emo she kept me from being it ’cause she thought it was “stupid”. At the end of elementary school, I never talked to her again. Then I went on to highschool, and I was still so shy that I couldn’t make friends. It’s like I had lost the capacity to believe I could have friends. We did some activities, and in the mini put activity we had to be in teams. I was left alone so I got chosen by a team, in which there was Y and Zaza. I didn’t talk, too shy and afraid to say anything. After that we did some activities and that’s when L said to me that I looked like her friend, but only from the back. We passed the day together, talking, her mostly because I was afraid to say something stupid. The next day, I found out that L knew Y and Zaza. They invited me to their table, and I ate with them. I was still shy, but less than before. I only talked when I was sure what I was saying wasn’t stupid. I ate with them for the next few days, when we kept saying : “Oh seriously? I thought I was the only one to do that!” A special bond was created between us. In the meanwhile, in my english class, I was behind M. I talked to her sometimes, in english class. Turns out she knew Y too, so we became friends too. All along I was starting to believe in friendship again. And there was Zaza. I believe some souls are destined to collide one day or another. Of course, I believed that for the others too, but Zaza, there was a connection between us. Something more than friendship, like we were long lost sisters. I passed the most beautiful year of my life. Because of them. I changed for the best. My true personality showed. We laughed, we cried, we fought, we talked, lots of things happened. We were the lama friends. M, L, Y, Zaza and me. The next year, something happened. I don’t know how and really when, but Y and L stopped being me and Zaza’s friends. Most of the times, my ego is bigger and I tell myself I’m okay with it, but the truth is, I miss them so much. But L looks at us weird sometimes, and I feel like crying everytime I see them.  Hopefully, I’m still with Zaza. She sticked with me through the whole time. M too, but we weren’t in the same class anymore so I only saw her in english and sometimes between classes. So I mostly stayed with Zaza. The two best friends forever.  The long lost sisters. Sometimes there weren’t any tables we could sit alone, so we were with V, J and A. They became our friends too. They make us laugh, especially V and J. We’re all weird, and we’re okay with that. People look at us strangely, but you know what? Our lives are funnier than theirs and they should all just die. The world would be a better place. And here I am. My story cannot be finished, because I would have to finish my life, and I don’t really wanna kill myself. I don’t know if this story made you smile, cry, laugh, or anything else. But what I’m tryin to say is:

1. Zaza is probably one of the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I would kill myself if I lost her. She’s the only one who understands, the only one who really knows me. I would never ever forget her.

2. My other friends, V, J, and A are very important to me too.

3. Even if I don’t see M very often, she’s still so important me!

4. I miss Y and L. If they read this someday, I just hope maybe, just maybe, they’ll forgive us for whatever we’ve done. Personnally, I’m sorry.

5. I love my friends. My best friend, my new friends, my old friend, my ex-friends (that I hope won’t be just EX-friends one day). They don’t know how much they mean to me. So to finish on a note of music, here is a song I’d like to dedicate to them:

Yaya xoxo

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Music time!

As I said, I’m gonna start music capsules. I don’t really know what to do so I guess I’ll start by saying what music we like!
Personnally, I like all kinds of music. Jazz, classical, pop, rock, etc. But I mostly like rock. I’m a Beatles fan, and also a Green Day, AAR, Paramore, Fall Out Boy, P!ATD, Avril Lavigne, Lights, Evanescence and a hundred more artists/bands!

Now for Zaza: She likes everything! Well maybe not EVERYTHING, but what I mean is she’s just like me. Any kind of music. Some of her favorite artists are evanescence, fefe dobson, secondhand sereneade, green day, daughtery, etc.

Now I gues how this’ll work is we’ll tell you some news about new albums coming out about artists we like, or artists we know. I’d also like to do something like tell me your story and I’ll give you your song or something like that. See y’all in February!

Yaya xoxo

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What happened?

OK. I don’t really know what happened here. Both of us stopped posting. It’s probably due to school and the fact that we were both feeling down. But I’m back! I don’t know for Zaza but I guess if I start doing the blog again she’ll come back. I hope. So I’ll start the memes again and I have some new ideas! I was thinking about doing a music capsule, every friday. I’m also thinking video games, but I don’t really know when. In the week-end I believe. And we also have our old ideas about the videos ( when we can get together) and other things. And we’ve got school. Oh gawd! I don’t know if we’ll be able to keep this updated! I guess the memes will be the last priority! Plus we’ve got exams coming so I guess it’s really gonna start in February. Anyway, hope you had/have a good day!

Yaya xoxo

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Weekend Reflections – Zaza

The link: For this meme, I chose this picture,  I know you’ll think that it’s very common for a picture but I think it has something poetic and everysingle person can imagine something different  about it.

lonely road

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Photostory Friday – Zaza

For this meme, I chose a photography I toolk at school, I guess I really like it becauz it resume things I like, nature, my best friend ( if you look well you’ll see she’s on the picture) and the photo itself becuz I love taking shots. The link couldn’t have been find sorry but here’s my picture :


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Skywatch Friday – Zaza


Morning's sky

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Motion Thursday – Zaza

<yeah, I have to admit I had difficulty to find this one and I’m not even sure about the one I chose, tell me your opinion. Link:

Plant moving with the wind

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